December 12, 2006

carbon ration cards

David Miliband is at it again, the carbon ration credit card has come up again. So let me get this strait you horrible little (soon to be endangered) toad, you want me to carry a card around with me all the time so that you can monitor every single time that I do anything that uses any energy, such as by doing, well ... anything, to be logged onto a big centralised government database? Simply so that you can work out the correct extra amount of money to extort from me, while as a little side effect creating a record of me and everybody else in the country that would make the Stasi green with envy? I take it the polish you use on your big shiny boots is fair trade Mr Miliband you authoritarian bastard. But don't worry should you force one on me I shall be disposing of it in a good and enviromentally friendly way. By nailing you to the wall and then ramming it up your arse with a couple jalapeno Chili peppers, organic ones of course.


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